Monday, March 2, 2015

What is the Best Stinkbait for Catfish

What is the best stink bait for catfish?  Well, that depends.  Most people use stink bait to catch channel catfish and like mentioned before, they will eat just about anything smelly.  Essentially, you can open up a stink bait and determine if a catfish is going to like it or not.  Here are some factors to determine whether a stink bait will be good or not:

1.  Will it Stick to the Hook?

Some stink baits are made in the form of a tooth paste looking container.  These types of baits are softer than baits that are made in a jar and will most often be too liquified to use on a hook.  They do make carriers on the end of hoods to squeeze the bait into but I have used them and haven't had good success with them.

2.  Does it Smell?

Listen, I have smelled a few different types of stink bait and they all smell but the ones that take your breath away when you first open the container are the ones that are going to catch the fish.  I personally use Secret 7 and Sonny's stink bait because they are commonly sold in my area.

3. Is it Cheap?

Different stink baits range in price and some stink baits can be extremely expensive.  In fact, a lot of people have been finding about about stink bait in the last few years and I have seen the prices increase in the stores dramatically.  Well, I will switch to a cheaper brand if I have to because they are essentially made in the same way.  Go with the cheap stuff as long as it's smelly enough!

I hope this has helped brighten your horizons to the different kinds of stink baits and hopefully will help you catch more and bigger cats!

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