Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some Tips on How to Catch Bream

If there is one fish I really love to eat, its bream.  I usually cut the heads off, gut them and scale them and fry them exactly like that.  Bream fishing is probably the most common type of fresh water fishing.   Let’s talk about what you will need to catch bream.

The first thing you will need is either a bream buster, cane pole, or really light rod and reel with 5lb test line.  You don’t want to use a heavy line because you won’t be able to cast out very far.

When fishing for bream you really only have 2 options, you can fish for them with artificial lures or live bait.  Both options will work well, I usually do both.   When I bream fish, I usually use crickets, worms, or bread with a bobber and split shot weights.  Believe it or not, small pieces of hot dogs work pretty well too.  I also bring an assortment of small jig heads and jigs.  One artificial lure that I won’t leave home without is a beetle spin.  As far as the color of the artificial lures, it really doesn’t matter but you want brighter colors in muddy water.  You can also use a bobber with a jig about 2 foot down and just ease it back to your or let it sit, they will hit it.

Make sure to always check your fishing regulations as each state is different when it comes to how many fish you can catch per day. I usually don’t keep anything smaller than the size of my hand.

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