Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tips on How to Catch More Bass during the Spawn

One of the best times I have throughout the year is when the bass start to spawn and are very territorial.  In fact, here in SC they usually start spawning around the end of March and beginning of April.  When Bass are in the spawning period, they usually find a place to stay in shallow water.  One thing a lot of professionals will do before a tournament is scout shallow areas and just look around stumps to see were the fish are hiding.  Also, I’ve seen people in tournaments sight fishing and when they spot a nice one, will sit there for over an hour just trying to catch it.

When fishing for bass during the spawn, you will have the most luck using soft plastic baits or jigs and fishing really slowly.  Remember, these fish are spawning and while they are hungry, they aren’t hungry enough to go after a fast lure.  Also, you want find stump fields and cypress trees to fish around as these are good areas for bass to spawn.

When I’m fishing for spawning bass I usually will use a very light bullet weight with a soft plastic worm or baby bush hog from zoom.  Using a lighter bullet weight will let the lure sink slower and if you can throw right on a stump or cypress tree, you are almost guaranteed to get a bite.  Always remember, when bass are spawning they might not be very aggressive when they bite, so even if you feel just a slight tug, set the hook.

Just remember, when fishing for spawning bass, you will need to have a lot of patience.  The patience is needed to find the fish and to catch them because they aren’t very aggressive and they are not easy to locate.

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